Getting Started

  • When do you launch?
    Sesire is launching Q4 2022. Make sure you sign up for updates so you don’t miss a thing!
  • How do I start as a user?
    Joining us will be easy, just join our wait list to stay up to date with when we launch.
  • How do I start as a Creator?
    We are currently accepting applications from Creators to join us when the platform launches, to make sure you’re one of the first, complete our short application form and one of the team will be in touch.
  • What currencies can I use?
    We believe that you should be in full control and so we offer the ability to pay and be paid in whichever currency you wish!
  • What fees do you charge?
    Our fees are incredibly competitive; currently the lowest in the industry and these are taken from earnings on the platform.
  • How safe is Sesire?
    Safety is an absolute priority for us, we value your privacy and control over your content. All our data uses military grade encryption and we stop your content being viewed or uploaded anywhere you don't want it to be!
  • What makes Sesire different?
    Current platforms are geared towards the end-user and so Creators are often disadvantaged. Sesire is building a dedicated space with Creators at the forefront, we want to make your experience the best it can be, with the greatest monetising tools.
  • What is Sesire?
    Sesire is an inclusive platform that enables Creators to monetise their content, control its distribution while building brand, influence and audience.